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Mortgage Appraisals/PMI Removal  Stanley  & Company has completed literally thousands of residential appraisal assignments for mortgage loan purposes utilizing the traditional Full Appraisal Report (FNMA 1004) as well as the newer limited 2055 and 2065 formats.  Our experience includes a full range of property types including estate quality homes ($1,000,000 and up), tract homes of all value ranges, historical homes, new construction, and renovated properties in neighborhoods undergoing periods of rejuvenation. We also have completed numerous assignments on rural properties of all types and urban small multi-unit residential projects.


We have also completed hundreds of residential appraisals for lenders and homeowners for PMI removal purposes.


Commercial/Industrial Services  We have completed assignments on numerous types of commercial properties including shopping centers, apartment projects, office/warehouse facilities, office buildings, service centers, free-standing retail facilities; and special purpose properties such as stone and gravel quarries, land-fill operations, funeral homes and cemeteries, horse breeding facilities, and farms/ranches.


Corporate Relocation  We have over 25 years of experience in the completion of appraisal assignments for corporate relocation services for both national third party companies and in-house corporate relocations. With membership in the Employee Relocation Council, we maintain the most current policies and practices and are familiar with the particular concerns of corporate transferees and their employers. Past clients include Cendant Mobility, Prudential Relocation, Associates Relocation Management, Coca Cola, Ford, Du Pont, and other large corporations or third party companies.


Probate/Trust/Bankruptcy  Appraisal assignments for various probate, trust, or bankruptcy purposes are a large portion of our practice with assignments completed for numerous attorneys, CPA firms, trust departments, federal bankruptcy courts, and state probate courts. 


Condemnation/Litigation Support  We have many years of experience in the completion of assignments for condemning authorities, landowners, and attorneys involved in various types of condemnation proceedings. Experience includes expert witness testimony in state and federal proceedings, appraisal review or litigation support, and consultation on numerous types of real estate valuation issues.


Arbitration/Dispute Resolution  Stanley and Company has been involved in various types of arbitration and dispute resolution including division of estates, divorce settlements, corporate mergers or dissolution disputes, and  allocation of asset issues.


Market Studies/Feasibility Analysis  Investors and lenders have provided us with the opportunity to complete various types of market studies and feasibility studies on a wide variety of real estate assets or projects, including apartments, shopping centers, subdivisions, and office/retail facilities.


Review Appraisals  Stanley & Company has completed review appraisals for numerous lenders and appraisal management firms, including desk reviews and full field reviews on all types of residential properties.